Marijuana has been in the news a lot recently over the past few years, and most of that is praising its medicinal uses. People with various medical conditions including multiple sclerosis, anxiety, and chronic pain have reported how this drug helps them live a much more normal, pain-free life than they ever felt possible. More recent studies have now confirmed that marijuana can also help brain cancer patients live longer too.


Earlier this year the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine produced a comprehensive report into what marijuana can and can’t do in an attempt to dispel some of the myths that have come about.

Although there was no evidence in the report to suggest marijuana could treat cancers, GW Pharmaceuticals are looking to challenge that, as they strong believe it can.  GW Pharmaceuticals carried out a trial of its cannabis-derived therapy and the results are promising.

Experts from the company are claiming that their drug, which contains both cannabidiol and THC, can extend brain cancer patient’s survival rates by around 6 months on average. The type of cancer targeted by the substance is glioblastoma multiforme, which is a particularly aggressive and fatal form of brain cancer leaving those who contract it only a 30 percent chance of survival past two years.

However, this still doesn’t mean that smoking marijuana is good for you, as there are so many other health implications that come along with inhaling it. But, perhaps it does mean that the millions of people that do support the use of marijuana for medical use do have a very good point after all.