Researchers Have Developed An Effective Painkiller That Has No Side Effects

Steroid and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have typical side effect that have now been eliminated by tiovyurtsin, a new generic drug for the treatment of pain. The new analgesic was developed by scientists at the Institute for Problems of Chemical and Energetic Technologies (IPCET) and collaborators. Preclinical tests of tiovyurtsin are in the final stage.

Sergey Sysolyatin, the director of the IPCET SB RAS and a graduate of Tomsk State University’s Faculty of Chemistry, explained that they used glyoxal as a raw material for the new drug. The industrial technology of synthesis for glyoxal was developed by chemists at TSU and it is used for high-energy compounds. The team withdraws a small portion of the substance at the intermediate stage of synthesis. This is then modified and a drug with excellent pharmacological characteristics is thereby obtained.

Preclinical tests proved that the new analgesic is effective for longer periods than other painkillers, suppresses pain symptoms of various etiologies and has no toxic effects on the body. Tiovyurtsin has been classified as a class IV of low-hazard substances. The test were carried out at the ED Goldberg Research Institute of Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine (Tomsk).

Equally important, prolonged use (28 days) does not affect breathing or induce drug dependence, and does not stimulate the central nervous system. These factors indicate the absence of the effects observed in the use of morphine.

Alexander Vorozhtsov, a professor at TSU, deputy director of the IPCET SB RAS and director of the technological platform Medicine of the Future, believes this new technology is a big step forward for modern pharmacology. Glyoxal was previously used as a raw material for the synthesis of hexaazaisowurtzitane, which was primarily used as a defensive application. These chemicals have only been considered for application in medicine in recent years.